Liz Melvin. Photographer. Naturally

Natural light is the perfect tool to achieve either dramatic or relaxed photos. The knack is knowing how to harness it. I always try to achieve the desired result using natural light; sometimes that’s not possible and I wheel out my studio lights, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as creating an image with just the tools at hand.


People are funny – sometimes even the most senior executive can be quite shy when they have a camera pointing at them. I achieve a relaxed, natural pose by spending time getting to know my subject, talking with them until their trepidation melts away. 


Capturing the atmosphere of a place means blending a knowledge of architecture, the physics of light and the artistry of photography. It’s a combination that can achieve stunning results…


How do you give an inanimate object “desirability”? From creating lip smacking food shots through to sexy cars and clothing, I have a wealth of experience in creating images that help sell your product.