Liz Melvin. Photographer. Naturally

Capturing the ‘essence’ of any subject is my driving focus for my clients. I look to create images that look natural and feel genuine. Images that “sell” you, your products and/or your services to your clients.

That might sound obvious, but it takes a lot of experience to achieve. I have that experience, gained across many industries and many years. I know how to achieve vastly different reactions through apparently simple changes. This might be to the lighting, positioning of subjects within the frame or room, or through posing direction – but the change to viewers’ perceptions about the businesses or person featured is huge. Yet the overall look will still be natural and real.

I aim to make it a genuinely enjoyable experience – especially for those less comfortable in front of a camera. I work with you to pose, light and relax you, whilst I encourage you to talk about your business.

The more I know about you and your ambitions, the more I can incorporate to support that. No such thing as a simple “snap” using me – but a whole story within each frame.

I want you to have fabulous images that you’ll be delighted to use in your business.